Sugarland are the CMA's Top Vocal Duo in one of the biggest nail-biters of the awards broadcast tonight. Many thought that Brooks and Dunn would get a final nod to their 20 years of great music, but it was the genre-bending Atlanta duo who won for the fourth consecutive year. Riding high on the current wave of their hit, 'Stuck Like Glue,' Kristian Bush and Jennifer Nettles were happy, seasoned veterans at the podium.

"Thanks everybody!" exclaimed Kristian, as they accepted their trophies. "Thank you to the CMAs, thank you to all of our fans, thank you to country radio who continues to grow with us and play our music," chimed in Jennifer. "It's been a wonderful few weeks for us, with the release of a wonderful new record, and this definitely gets on the top of the list, for sure."

"Thanks to our families, thanks to my dad, he's here tonight," and Kristian proudly pointed out and waved to the elder Mr. Bush in the audience. "Thanks, Dad! You were right ... 'play guitar!!'" Jennifer added a big thanks to the duo's fans before blowing them a kiss and leaving the stage.

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