Kellie Pickler's fiance, Kyle Jacobs, better look over his shoulder, because his wife-to-be finally got to meet her "dream man," and it was not him. It was actually writer-actor-director Clint Eastwood, who she has publicly admitted is her longtime crush.

"I'm in love with Clint Eastwood! I don't care (that he's older)," Kellie told The Boot. "He is the man! I just think he's awesome. I love all his movies. He's an incredible director. I'm a huge fan."

Kellie appeared on the 'Ellen DeGeneres Show' on Thursday, and the talk show host set up Kellie by explaining that Clint's interview was pre-taped, so she wouldn't know he was actually there. "I very much adore him," the blond bombshell told Ellen. "You know my grandparents raised me ... and I've seen all his films, and I love all his work, even movies he's not in, even if he directs. Everything he touches I love. Every time I'm here, I go over to his office and I try to get in ... and I thought I'd just break into his office."

When Ellen finally brought the award-winning director out to surprise Kellie, the singer couldn't have been more excited to finally meet her hero. Last year, Kellie appeared on Ellen's show and mentioned she absolutely loves Clint Eastwood, so much so that she would like to "lick him." While she didn't lick him, she did scream, hug him, covered his face in kisses, sat on his lap (then covered up her engagement ring), cupped his face and genuinely gushed over the legendary celebrity. When she caught her breath for a moment, she looked at him and said, "I don't think you realize how much we have in common."

"We certainly look a like," Clint joked.

"We both love animals and Westerns," Kellie continued, "and my heart is pounding!" She then grabbed the Oscar winner's hand and put it on her chest to the delight of the audience ... and maybe to the actor, as well. He didn't seem like he was going to stick around to see what would happen next, because he stood up to leave, and Kellie was afraid she scared him off. She didn't, but she thanked him profusely for surprising her.

Check out the video of Kellie's dream meeting on 'Ellen' here.

After the taping yesterday, Kellie tweeted, "I met the man of my dreams...(aside from my fiancé, ha ha!) #clinteastwood ;)... Dreams do come true! Thanks @theellenshow, love you," to which Ellen replied, "I feel like a home wrecker."