Among the television series that have ended after just one episode was Secret Talents of the Stars: a show that rounded up a bunch of celebs and had them perform in ways they're not known for. Ric Flair danced the salsa, George Takei took a shot at singing country music -- and country singer Clint Black tried stand-up comedy.

Black was one of four celebs who got to show off their unknown talents during the premiere episode of the CBS show, which aired on April 8, 2008 -- 14 years ago today. He would have moved on, had the series not been canceled the very next day.

The audience thought Black was funny -- something we can't confirm, because while you can almost find anything on YouTube, footage of this performance doesn't seem to exist. However, Black talks about his interest in comedy in the clip below.

"I've always been able to write a joke or two," the singer says. "And some of the things that I can come up with on the spot, I can come up with funny things. People that don't expect you to be funny think you're very funny when you do that."

Perhaps the most disappointing part of the cancellation is that fans never got to see another country star try urban dancing. Jo Dee Messina also signed up for the show, and was really excited about it.

"I get a chance to do something I love and don’t have the opportunity to do that often,” she told the Tennessean. “My real competition in the show is with myself. I just want to nail it!”

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