Chuck Wicks, Julia JonesChuck Wicks has some serious kissing scenes in the video for his brand new song, 'Hold That Thought,' and apparently he was a tad nervous about filming them with leading lady and 'Twilight Saga: Eclipse' star Julia Jones. Chuck confesses that he'd never done that type of kissing on camera before, and had no idea what to expect when the cameras started rolling.

"I remember meeting Julia, my love interest in the video, and trying not to fumble over my words," Chuck tells CMT. "I knew she was a beautiful girl and was going to be in 'Twilight,' so I'm like, 'What is she going to think about this country boy? And what is she going to think about being in this video?' I had no idea what to expect. I knew we had some kissing scenes and, honestly, I had never done that. There was a small kissing scene in 'Stealing Cinderella,' but not like ... this. This was more like a sexual kissing, not like a 'we just got married' kind of deal -- and there is a difference!"

Chuck is excited about the song and his upcoming sophomore album, due out this fall. He says he is investing time on his career and music right now and is just trying to figure himself out before he considers settling down. "I'm more focused on my career and my craft and songwriting and music and touring than I've ever been. And I think that's what it takes. I don't have any kids yet. I've just got to take care of me right now, which is a good thing, because I'm a handful. It's time to figure myself out and really get my feet on the ground and get a good run in before I start to settle down and start to worry about other things."

Fans can catch Chuck performing at the CMA Block Party on June 9 in Nashville during the upcoming CMA Music Festival.

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