Chris Stapleton received an out-of-the-ordinary welcome when he performed at LouFest in St. Louis, Mo., on Saturday (Sept. 10): The festival celebrated the country star with a statue of Stapleton ... made of bacon.

Farmland, a producer of beef, pork and catfish, commissioned the statue of Stapleton, who was one of LouFest's 2016 headliners, for their Farmland Bacon Club. Festivalgoers were able to take photos with the bacon bust and guess how many strips of bacon the statue took to create ("somewhere between 200 and 2,000," per the St. Louis Post-Dispatch) in order to win free Farmland bacon for a year. Even Stapleton himself grabbed a picture with his bacon likeness!

"We've had people come up and say, 'Well, can I eat it?'" says Kristin Archambeau, a Farmland representative. "And we say, she's been working on it for two straight weeks, so I'd advise against it."

Food artist Nancy Baker crafted the statue. According to the Post-Dispatch, bacon Stapleton's eyeballs are made out of gumballs, and the strips of bacon used to make the statue were cooked for varying lengths of time to achieve the necessary coloring for each section of the statue.

In late September, Stapleton will perform at the 2016 All for the Hall Los Angeles benefit concert. He's also earned six nominations for the 2016 CMA Awards, which will take place in November.

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