Chris Knight doesn't reside in Nashville but the singer-songwriter can definitely hang with Music City's beloved residents, one of whom, Lee Ann Womack, has been known to write with the Kentucky native a time or two. "You Lie When You Call My Name" is a product of the pair's work, and appears on Chris' latest album, Little Victories.

"When I was on Decca she was on MCA," Chris tells The Boot. "That's when I met her and we started going out when I would be in town. I got to know her a little bit there, and then she got real big. Her husband, producer Frank Liddell, got us together to write down there at Carnival Music. She was cutting an album and we went in and wrote that song. I liked it, so I decided to put it on my album."

While it's never a worry for the alt-country star whether or not a song he writes with another artist appears on more than one album, it has been a concern for someone else.

"I've actually had record companies keep other people from recording my songs because it was going to be on my album, and I wish they had let go of the songs," recalls the singer, whose "It Ain't Easy Bein' Me" was recorded by Blake Shelton in 2007. "I'm not going to be competing with Top 40 country acts. I'm going to be doing my own thing and sing the song, and let them do their own thing."

And he's doing his own thing on the road. Chris has numerous dates scheduled for the fall in order to introduce the new project.

"We're already playing four or five of new songs, when we can," he explains. "We'll probably be playing six, seven, eight of them. Not every night, though. We'll weave them in and out of the set list. I've got eight albums and I can't really not play a lot of my previous stuff, because that's what fans are coming to hear."

You can catch Chris next on Sept. 27 in Athens, Ga. Get a list of tour dates here.