On "Waitin' on 5," off his Real Friends album, Chris Janson celebrates the simple pleasure of calling it a day and going home to crack open a cold one. Read on to learn the story of how Janson and his collaborators wrote the track, as told by the singer himself.

That [song is] what my wife thinks is the biggest hit on the record. She loves that [song].

It was interesting: Craig Wiseman, who of course is a Nashville fixture in the songwriting community, he had "Waitin' on 5 / To get started on six" -- it was just those two lines. And he included myself, Tommy Cecil and Shy Carter on the song.

We got together, and it was not your traditional co-write. It wasn't like we all got into a room and sat around looking at each other on one or multiple occasions. It was like, I worked on some, Tommy worked on some, Shy worked on some, Craig worked on some, and we splashed it all together. And we went back and forth through emails and phone calls. We would write over the phone, because I was traveling, or what have you, and all of a sudden we've got "Waitin' on 5."

Honestly, how many times have you heard, in real, normal, everyday life, "Waitin' on 5 to get started on a six-pack?" and watch the game, or do whatever you want to do. It's just a true testament to guys like my dad, who work a 9-to-5 job every single day, and they're just waiting on 5 o'clock to roll around so they can go home and just do something. So that's what we wrote.

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