As he readies his new album, All In, Chris Janson is in a fortunate position: He's so confident in every song on the album that whichever one he's listened to or thought about most recently feels like his favorite.

In recent weeks, that has often been the leading single, the heartfelt "Bye Mom," or the ebulliently romantic title track. But as he turns his attention to his Thursday (Feb. 10) release, "Cold Beer Truth," Janson tells Taste of Country that he's been thinking of that song in terms of superlatives, too — especially when paired with its music video.

"Honestly, I will tell you — not to take away from 'Bye Mom' or anything else, but this 'Cold Beer Truth' video, it knocks my socks off. It really does," the singer says.

Classic country elements are a through-line running through "Cold Beer Truth," with instrumentation and musical stylings as simple and classic as the subject matter Janson's singing about. The track is about the kinds of heartfelt talks and soul-nourishing connections that only happen between good friends, often over a cold drink (or several).

"The sunset's sweeter in the summertime / Blue jean pockets need an old case knife / A penny's worth more on a railroad track / Girls look better in a Bass Pro cap," he sings in the first verse. "All the best songs have a fiddle and steel / You can still count on a handshake deal / It ain't what you say, it's what you do / Yeah, that's the cold beer truth..."

"Cold Beer Truth" tugs at some of the same heartstrings as "Bye Mom" does, especially when it comes to lyrics like, "NASCAR ain't been the same since we lost Dale." There's a bittersweet element to the music video, too, which follows Janson and a roundup of his loved ones — from family members to fellow stars — sharing drinks, laughs and good music as they revel in the truest, most essential parts of life.

A note at the end of the video offers a dedication to a couple of important late figures, reading: "In loving remembrance of John A. Morris, Dale Earnhardt, and all the good buddies out there who have told the 'Cold Beer Truth.'"

Those loves ones' absence is keenly felt in the video: For example, Earnhardt's partner, Richard Childress, contributes some footage to honor the late racing legend.

"He filmed a bunch of B-roll from the Dale museum, some very stoic stuff in there," Janson details. "And my buddy Johnny Morris, who's one of my best friends in life, and the owner of Bass Pro Shops, he's in it with his father. It's a very emotional song, but not in a sad way."

Rather, "Cold Beer Truth" is a celebration of life. Janson enlists his wife, Kelly, their kids and his in-laws to appear in the video. Janson's friends also make an appearance, including some familiar faces: Fans will spot Kid Rock hanging out in a honky-tonk as Janson performs the song.

"It's just, what is the 'Cold Beer Truth'? The 'Cold Beer Truth' is what people talk about when they've had a couple beers and the truth comes out," Janson muses. "You're just out having a good time with your buddies, whether you're male or female, doesn't matter. Just hanging out with your friends and having those good moments and reminiscing about the greatest times in life. That's what this video is all about. It couldn't be more real."

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