For the second day in a row, Chase Rice headed to his Instagram account on Thursday (July 23) with yet another song he has written during his pandemic break. This one currently has no title -- but it’s sexy, that’s for sure!

“I wrote this with Jimmy Robbins and Jon Nite actually a few days ago,” Rice says in a video from his porch. “I was thinking about touring, and missing it like hell, obviously, but what it’s like that first night you got home after being on the road for a little while … with your woman. So this is what we came up with.”

The spicy tune contains that lyric in the context of two lovers not being able to keep their hands off each other, as Rice details in smoky tones. After the singer asked for title suggestions in the video's caption, fans submitted more than a thousand comments, with the frontrunner title being ”Don't Stand a Chance.”

Back in May, Rice released The Album Part II, a four-song project that follows January’s surprise release of The Album Part I. He says some of these new songs just might make it on Part III or Part IV someday.

“I’m getting back into writing mode here,” Rice says in an Instagram video posted on Wednesday (July 22). “I think I’ve written, like, five songs in the last week. I’m excited to get back into writing and I’m excited to work on  Part III and Part IV, whatever my album ends up looking like.”

Rice also recently wrote an unreleased song called “Ain’t Many Like Us Left” alongside Taylor Phillips, Brock Berryhill and Jeremy Stover.

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