Over the course of a few years, Charlie and the Rays -- sisters Rebecca and Jordan Stobbe -- have crafted some of the most beautiful and authentic nods to the great folk music movement that permeated coffeehouses and nightclubs across America in the 1960s. Their music is more than a mere homage, though; they have quickly created a name for themselves in today's scene thanks to their pristine harmonies, beautiful musicianship and honest lyrics.

Charlie and the Rays' latest EP, September's That's Where You Were Born, perfectly captures these sentiments. Now, their harmonies, musicianship and lyrics are manifested in a visual accompaniment to the project: the music video for its second track, "Wanna Be Like You." Press play above to watch the clip, premiering exclusively on The Boot.

Produced and directed by Nathan Ginter and Bill Gullo, with Ginter also editing and filming, the video for "Wanna Be Like You" is focused squarely on the Stobbe sisters performing the tune. Rebecca wrote the song during a time in her life when she felt stuck and unable to create the change that she knew she needed.

"The lyrics are seemingly directed toward another person — a you — but really this song is about the person I knew I could be in the future," she tells The Boot. "I think I personified my future self in this way because it felt so tangible to me."

Rebecca goes on and admits that when she wrote "Wanna Be Like You," she knew she could become that person, but she just couldn't make the necessary changes, and that caused, obviously, a sincere disappointment in her life. "This frustration is portrayed in the video by the quickly changing scenes and the inability to see the 'whole picture' within the sea of mirrors,'" Rebecca explains. "These mirrors convey the introspection and internal reflection in the song, showing the dualism between a present and a future self.

"[The song] is about the mental battles within ourselves," she adds, "the anxiety we face and the honest desire to make change within ourselves."

Following this music video, Charlie and the Rays are excited to get ready to release their next single, "For No One," on April 17. Unfortunately, as the entire music world has felt the impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, the Stobbes' live shows have been canceled; however, fans should keep an eye on their Instagram profile, as they will be doing more and more virtual performances for their fans during the quarantine.

Fans can find all of Charlie and the Rays' music via Bandcamp.

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