Old Crow Medicine Show member Chance McCoy is premiering "Lonesome Pine," a brand-new song from his forthcoming solo project, exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play below to listen.

Slow-burning and vaguely mystical, McCoy's vocals lend an ethereal quality to "Lonesome Pine," a tribute to the stunning, lonely beauty of nature. The song's lyrics speak directly to an experience the artist had while exploring the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia.

"I remember being high up, curled up on pine needles, just watching the wind shake the trees. The solitude was absolute, but there was a beauty in it," McCoy explains. "I guess that kind of loneliness gets deep inside a person. I’ve never shaken it."

When he set out to record "Lonesome Pine," McCoy used a Oberheim Xpander analog synth owned by his late father to help create its spacious, transcendent vibe. "Maybe not the obvious choice for a folk tune, but it sounds like icy stars and galaxies whirling across an empty sky," he reflects.

"You can’t fake sounds like that. The genuine article puts you right there in the moment," McCoy adds. "Listen close enough and you’ll hear a shooting star streak across the night sky."

"Lonesome Pine" is McCoy's second single as a solo artist, following "No One Loves You (The Way That I Do)," released in April. An accomplished fiddle player, guitarist, and banjo player, McCoy joined the iconic folk act Old Crow Medicine Show in 2012, and was part of the band when they earned a Grammy for Best Folk Album in 2015, for their 2014 album Remedy.

McCoy's debut solo album is due out this fall. Stay tuned to ChanceMcCoy.com for more details on its arrival.

Listen to Chance McCoy's "Lonesome Pine"

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