Country up-and-comer Caylee Hammack got personal for her very first single, "Family Tree." The song describes home life and where she comes from, right down to Tupperware parties and a sister who hides her smoking habit from the rest of the family. 

According to Hammack, the song is even more special because not only does it tell the story of the people that she knows and loves best, but she also made the song with some of her best friends. Read on to learn more.

"Family Tree" is the first song that I started working on for this record, and it's amazing that it turned out to be the single. It's the first song that I ever produced myself, and I wrote it along with Gordie Sampson and Troy Verges.

It probably took 50 or 60 hours of me and my co-producer, Mikey Reeves, who's one of my best friends, working on the song. We only had our friends play on it. We only had people we loved play on it.

We did it the way we wanted, for once, and having that out as my single is just unreal for me. I feel like the best way for me to introduce myself to you is through my family, and through what I've done.

Caylee Hammack's Live "Family Tree" Performance Really Shows Off Her Style

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