Cassadee Pope says that her Summer EP, set for release on June 3, is a four-track record that will give fans a glimpse into her growth as an artist: "all the different sides of my personality, my upbringing, why I am the way I am."

"I think that, overall, every song tells a different story," Pope recently told The Boot and other reporters. "It touches on different experiences I’ve had, and the message is to just be yourself."

That's fitting, considering that her new set of tunes allowed Pope to be herself more than her freshman project, Frame By Frame -- released less than a year after being crowned the Season 3 winner of The Voice -- did.

"I feel like when I first came onto the scene, I was a little more timid; I wasn’t sure exactly where to go, how to act," Pope shares. "I’ve always loved country music, but I came into people thinking that I’m this pop-rock girl that’s never done country, and I just wanted so badly to prove everybody wrong and to show everybody that these are my roots.

"I wasn’t paying attention to what I was really putting out there; I think what I put out there was kind of a watered-down version of myself," she continues. "I’m so, so grateful for the success of the first album; "Wasting All These Tears" changed my life. But I think this is a completely different situation: I’m baring it all, really, in my lyrics; I’m showing the good, the bad, the ugly. I’m being very vulnerable, but also empowering, and I think that’s where I am, mentally, and also totally through my music, you can hear that."

While Pope may be headed in a slightly new direction artistically, she isn't at all afraid that her fans won't join her on her journey. Instead, it's her fans' loyalty throughout all of the different facets of her career that has given her the confidence to move forward.

"I think I got the best of both worlds, because I have my fans [from] back in the day when I had Hey Monday, and they have stuck with me since then. They almost take ownership of my career and how far I’ve gotten because they have helped me through it all," Pope explains to The Boot. "Then I have the fans that have come in from The Voice days, who are a little bit newer, but still feel like they are responsible for getting me here, which, they really are. And now, I’ve got the Chris Young fans that have just discovered me, and fans that listen to country radio that have heard "Think of You."

"I’m really lucky to have this kind of mashup of fan bases that all get along and are just working together to help me succeed," she adds. "It’s just really cool for me to see -- online, I see people who have become friends because of being a fan of me. That’s the coolest thing you can hear as an artist, bringing people together."

Pope wrote three of the four songs on Summer, and she says that she hopes to write several more for her upcoming new record.

"I think anything you put out puts you in a pretty vulnerable position," she notes. "Especially if you write a song, you’re opening the lane of questions, and it’s a personal experience ... I think that excites me. I’m ready for it, and I’m ready for this next phase to be a little bit more elevated than the last one."

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