Carrie Underwood is still aglow in newlywed bliss with husband Mike Fisher -- but don't mistake that glow for something else! The country superstar is not expecting her first child, as rampant rumors suggest.

"As soon as you get married that happens," Carrie tells Detroit radio station WYCD of speculation that she is pregnant. "We did the CMT Artists of the Year special, and they had all these celebrity chefs come in from the Food Network ... The food was great, but after the chefs were done they all sat back and had a few. Afterwards I got to meet them, and a guy was bombed. He said, 'So did you just have a baby?' I said, 'You do not ever ask a woman if she just had a baby. Do I look like I just had a baby?' ... He got in trouble, and I took his drink away."

Children are definitely in Carrie's future, she acknowledges, citing the influence of a few of her famous friends who've perfected the balancing act of motherhood and a singing career. "I know it's possible to be a great mother and to be on the road. You don't have to sacrifice that much. I see people like Martina [McBride] do it, and Faith [Hill] do it. I know it's a possibility. I just maybe need to sit down with them and say, 'How DO you do it?'"

No matter when they start a family, Carrie notes that the couple will most likely raise their children south of her husband's Canadian homeland. "We both love Nashville," says the Oklahoma native. "I envision myself living there long after I have kids and long after I'm done singing and all that stuff, just because it's a great place to live ... You can work, you can write, you can record, you can shoot videos and all that stuff, but you can also find land and spread out a bit."

Carrie is wrapping up her nine-month Play On tour this month, and will hit the studio after the holidays to record her next album. But she adds that she looks forward to recording an album of non-country songs in the future. "I'd love someday to do a whole album of hymns, because in church it was all about the hymns," she reveals. Including the hymn 'How Great Thou Art' in every show, she says her fondness for the song goes back to her childhood. "You'd sing the same thing every Sunday, and it felt like church, so I'm glad I get to do that one every night."

Carrie, who was recently nominated for a Grammy for 'Temporary Home,' finds out tonight (December 6) if she will take home any trophies at the first-ever American Country Awards. She's nominated in six categories, including Artist of the Year. Her current single, 'Mama's Song' is sitting pretty at No. 8 on the charts.

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