Carrie Underwood's mega-hits 'Before He Cheats,' 'Cowboy Casanova' and 'Last Name' don't exactly showcase her softer side. Songs about guys who've done her wrong, each track is powerful and in-your-face, a part of the country superstar's repertoire that grabs the fan's attention right away.

"I've never been one for mushy songs ever. I just don't do mush," said Carrie during a Q&A session at the Billboard Country Music Summit in Nashville this week. "I can do mad. I can do sassy. I can do high heels and sparkles."

Carrie admits that she's not as good at sappy songs, nor at letting herself open up to people. However, she says her husband, Nashville Predators hockey player Mike Fisher, has helped her become more sentimental.

"I remember writing 'Mama's Song' [and thinking], 'Is this weird? I don't know how I feel about this,'" she confesses. "Just being able to open another door of myself and be able to sing about something that I have never been able to, I catch myself writing more songs like that."

Though she remains a bit uncertain of this growth, Carrie admits this new side could be a good thing for her career. "I'm becoming a sentimental weenie! [laughs] I have to watch that. It might be good. The more you grow and experience, the more you have to write about. He's been good for that."

While Carrie credits her husband with helping her to be inspired, she says she wishes she could do the same for him. "I haven't improved his hockey game one iota," she jokes.

Carrie is currently in Australia for a two-week promotional trip supporting her 'Play On: Deluxe Edition' album, which releases in Australia and New Zealand today (June 10).

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