Carrie UnderwoodCarrie Underwood and Brad Paisley are busy getting ready to return to their hosting duties at next week's CMA Awards. During a recent interview with New York-based radio station, Z100, Carrie let listeners in on some of the behind-the scenes commotion she's come to expect.

"It's pretty hectic backstage because people are moving set pieces on and off. It's not a huge civic center type thing so there's not a lot of space sometimes," Carrie explains. "The girls have to share a dressing room."

This year, one of the host perks for Carrie is her own dressing room, although she remembers what it was like to share close quarters with the likes of Kellie Pickler, Miranda Lambert, and Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles.

"They literally put like 20 girls in one room, and there's ten mirrors that they set up, so everybody is sharing mirrors trying to get ready. I only did it once, and I [said], 'I'm bringing my bus next year.'"

Besides getting primped and pampered, Carrie says some of the artists also use the corners of the room to do vocal exercises before taking the stage -- something Carrie admits she never does.

"I am bad," she says. "I'd rather start with an easier song, and that's my warm-up. Then I'm good to go! I don't plan on singing when I'm 80. I don't plan on doing 90-minute shows when I'm that old. I just do what I do. I go to the doctor a couple of times a year, and he shoves a camera down my throat to make sure everything's OK."

Everything is certainly OK when it comes to Carrie's latest single. She's in the Top 5 with 'Cowboy Casanova' from the just-released album, 'Play On.'