Carrie Underwood's fourth single from her 2015 Storyteller album, "Dirty Laundry," is about much more than just soiled clothes. The song's lyrics, which say, "Now I'mma have to hang you out to dry, dry, dry / Clothespin all your secrets to the line, line, line / Leave 'em blowing in the wind, just say goodbye / To you / All those midnights sneaking in / 'I'm late again, oh, I'm so sorry' / All the Ajax in the world ain't gonna clean your dirty laundry," hint at the tune's vengeful message -- a style that Underwood is becoming well known for.

Hit songwriters Hillary Lindsey, Zach Crowell and Ashley Gorley penned "Dirty Laundry," and although it's the first song that the three of them worked on together, they are each responsible for some of Underwood's previous hits: Crowell and Lindsey wrote "Church Bells" with Brett James, and Crowell and Gorley wrote "Heartbeat" with Underwood. During a lavish party to toast the chart-topping success of both of those singles, the three writers, along with Underwood, took time to share the story behind "Dirty Laundry."

Ashley Gorley: Zach’s tracks have a theme of being a little wild and dark and crazy … He was playing these tracks we went through, and all I remember is stumbling into the Ajax line, and that sounding awesome.

Hillary Lindsey: He Googled it. Zach was like, "What is Ajax?" and I said, "I’m pretty sure it’s a cleaning solution."

Gorley: You guys went back and forth. I remember you were under the weather.

Lindsey: I was so sick … They made me sing it, and I was mortified. We turned it in, and I remember Chris Oglesby [BMG vice president, creative] and Daniel Lee [BMG senior creative director] saying it was one of their favorite songs I had turned in in a while, and how great it sounded, and I was so sick.

I’m just so grateful to be on this ride with [Underwood]. She’s just so kind and so gracious. By the grace of God, she loves what we’ve written. We’ve also been able to collaborate for so many years now. It’s been a really great friendship and a really great collaboration between all of us.

Although "Dirty Laundry" isn't about household chores, Underwood, proud mother of Isaiah Michael Fisher, says that the song's title resonates with her.

Carrie Underwood: I feel like I do laundry every day. I’m not sure where it all comes from. There’s only three of us, and one of us is very small, so I’m really not sure how we have so much. I’m still a mom, first and foremost. Like, this morning, I was like, "Oh, it’s going to be a really busy day, so I’m just going to be here and just play with him." That’s what I got for it. We both had to change our clothes. So, it happens.

Carrie Underwood Shares the Story of "Dirty Laundry"

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