While it's normally a given that celebrities are never on time, Carrie Underwood proves this stereotype wrong. In Nashville for Billboard's Country Music Summit last week, Carrie gave credit to her parents for her work ethic.

"I honestly thank my awesome parents," said Carrie. "It actually frightens people when I'm on time."

She went on to explain that during awards shows she takes many by surprise with her punctuality.

"Most of the people on the awards shows in country music we know," she said. "We have their numbers and call and say, 'We're on our way!' They'll say, 'Be here at 7.' It's like, 'OK, do you mean 7? Because we'll be there at 7. It's gonna happen! You watch!'"

Carrie said in the celebrity world 7:00 PM often means 7:30 or 7:45.

"Somebody told me they were recording with a very, very big artist and they were supposed to record at noon and she showed up at 4 the next day in the afternoon!" she said. "It bugs me. My time is important, your time is important. I want to be on time and want to be prepared."

While Carrie's drive is indisputable, she stressed the importance of those around her being equally present and organized.

"It bugs me when I'm doing a group number and there are 10 of us and I am the only one who knows the words," she notes. "I find that disrespectful. I want to give respect and get respected."

With numerous awards to her credit and her 'Play On: Deluxe Edition' album just released in Australia and New Zealand, Carrie's hard work and punctuality has clearly been paying off!

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