Michigan native Carly Collura has been chasing her dreams of stardom since the age of three. Now, she's premiering her new single, "Runnin' Underwater," and its official music video exclusively with The Boot; press play above to watch.

Collura wrote "Runnin' Underwater" with Skye Claire and Emily Fortney, formerly of Carter's Chord. The three didn't quite finish the song during their co-writing session, but when Collura got home, she kept listening to the demo and, with Claire and Fortney's blessings, made it her own. Fortney's husband, Trailer Choir member Marc "Butter" Fortney, produced the track.

""Runnin’ Underwater” is a song about a strained relationship and the struggle of trying to determine if the good times are worth it enough to stick it out or if the bad times are bad enough to leave," Collura explains to The Boot. "Staying is hard, but leaving is harder / Headin' for the door's like runnin' underwater," she sings.

The "Runnin' Underwater" music video takes that line to heart: In the clip -- conceptualized by Collura and created by FlyHi Films and Laminate Entertainment at Nashville Music Loft -- Collura plays a woman stuck in a bad relationship. She contemplates, then heads for the door ... and while, for a moment, it appears that she'll put the guy behind her, she wakes up the next morning exactly where she was before.

"I really wanted to paint a picture of the lyrics and tell a story. I wanted it to feel similar to a movie ... having a plot, conflict and a 'resolution,'" Collura explains. "I really love how the 'good memories' flashback scenes turned out."

After beginning dancing, modeling, acting and singing as a toddler, Collura performed in two different bands -- Kemical Punkch and the Two Timin' Band -- in her home state and throughout the Midwest. In 2017, she moved from the Detroit area to Nashville to pursue a solo career; she dropped her latest EP, Motor City Meets Music City, in June of 2018.

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