Calico, the Band released their debut album, 'Rancho California,' this week (Sept. 2), and they're giving The Boot's readers an exclusive listen to one of its tracks, 'Runaway Cowgirl.'

The trio, made up of Manda Mosher, Kirsten Proffit and Aubrey Richmond, decided that they "really wanted to have a beautiful love song on the album," and that became 'Runaway Cowgirl.'

"That acoustic guitar line that intros the song lent itself to a tenderness that carries through," the women tell The Boot. "The melody wrote itself as it often does."

The band says they often refer to the tune as 'The Ballad of Ginger and Danny,' the song's two characters. The former is a cocktail waitress, the latter a long-haul trucker, and "they find each other and escape to build a new life."

"During the writing of the song, we decided that the lead vocal should be split between our different voices to tell each side of the story," they say. "When the bridge comes in, we are a third party watching the renegade couple make their way out of town."

Mosher, Proffit and Richmond released 'Rancho California' on their own label, 'California Country Records.' They say, within the context of the album, 'Runaway Cowgirl' is "not off the beaten path, but is part of the tapestry."

"We approached the album as a body of work with balance and flow, giving each song its place to shine with its own unique theme and sound," the trio says. "['Runaway Cowgirl''s chorus] epitomizes the sound we have created with the three-part harmony blend."

Each member of Calico, the Band had her own solo career before the group formed in 2012: Mosher worked on the business side of the music industry and has won multiple Los Angeles Music Awards; Proffit's tunes have been in multiple movies and TV shows; and Richmond is a well-known live and studio violinist and fiddler. The trio's music has been featured on ABC's 'Nashville.'

“We’re here to tell people that Americana music is very much alive and California is a viable source for this style," says Proffit. "We’re passionate about carrying on the tradition by incorporating these influences, but through a new lens, and always with respect.”

The band will celebrate the album's release with a show at Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles tonight (Sept. 5).

Listen to Calico, the Band's 'Runaway Cowgirl':