Fort Worth band Cadillac Sky's lead singer and mandolin player, Bryan Simpson has announced his departure from the band after eight years. He will be replaced by Georgia folk singer Levi Lowery, who plays for Southern Ground Records, and has been a fan and friend of the band for several years.

Bryan's decision to leave the Nashville-by-way-of-Texas-based bluegrass quintet was based on religious reasons that grew from "a relentless stirring in his soul" over the past year.

"Three years ago, I would have never imagined this day anywhere in my near future," says Bryan. "But that was before Jesus Christ turned my life upside down and made me forever His in the spring of 2008. Since then He has continued to devour my life and everything in it. Daily, my desire for Him grows. The longing for more time spent in complete devotion to Him, combined with a desire to be more mobile in my faith has led me to this decision."

Bryan asks in his written statement for the understanding of "his great family of fans."

"Through (Cadillac Sky), God has drawn me to Him, and has given me great friends that are more like brothers than band mates. Not to mention, for the better part of eight years, I've heard my songs played by some of the most creative and talented musicians this planet has to offer. And last but certainly not least, I have been honored with a great family of fans ever since this thing got going.

"The vision for my life post C-Sky is still coming together," he continues. "But the mission for my life is simply the furthering of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I petition your prayers as I am sure my greatest adventure is yet to come."

Bryan also asks fans for their continued support of Cadillac Sky following his departure.

"One last thing I would ask: Please continue to support my friends as they move forward with Cadillac Sky. And know this: the man that is going to move into my vacated spot, an announcement deserving of its own email, is extremely gifted and will not disappoint. I am excited to see and hear what is to come. Cadillac Sky is in very good hands."

Levi Lowery -- the "extremely gifted" man who will replace Bryan -- confirmed with his own written announcement that he would be replacing Bryan.

"Over the past five months, I have had the privilege of getting to know the guys in Cadillac Sky," Levi writes. "They have been one of my favorite bands since I stumbled onto their record, 'Blind Man Walking,' several years back. And now I have the honor of calling them my friends."

Levi adds that he will continue performing and recording as a solo artist for Southern Ground Records.

Cadillac Sky will resume touring on October 27 in Denver, Colo.

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