Bubba Sparxxx is set to release a new album in June, and readers of The Boot and our partner sites are getting an exclusive first look at the video for the title song.

The 37-year-old is returning to his roots for 'Made on McCosh Mill Road,' which he says may be his most personal album yet. The song is a tribute to the road he grew up on in rural LaGrange, Ga., and he shot the new video at his family farm.

"Anybody that's followed my career knows that country culture has always been at the heart of my music, and its accompanying visuals," Sparxxx says. "The 'Ugly' video, much of the subject matter on my first album ('Dark Days Bright Nights') , on through the 'Deliverance' album in its entirety; my rural roots were front, and center."

He departed from that for his 'Ms. New Booty' single, and 'The Charm' album, but points out, "Now, I'm back to being the Bubba my real fans fell in love with. Back to representing my country folks, and it feels damn good."

Sparxxx says the new video "depicts what I would call the perfect day for a country boy ... I really feel like this song sums up where my heart's at musically, these days. I took a lot of time off from music, did a great deal of soul searching, and arrived at the conclusion that life is short, and precious.....and I'm not going to waste time taking myself too seriously, or worrying about things beyond my control, at this point. It's getting warm again, and this is definitely a high energy song people are going to want to play at parties, in clubs, and out on the water this summer."

He adds, "From a creatively fun standpoint, this is my favorite album of mine, hands down. I can't wait for people to hear it."

‘Made on McCosh Hill Road’ is set for release on June 24 via eOne Music.