Country band Broseph are premiering the music video for their song "Good Luck With That" exclusively with The Boot. Readers can press play above to watch the straightforward performance clip.

"Good Luck With That" is a kiss-off to an ex, written by the band's Brooks Boyer, Brock Jones and Sean Halbrook, as well as producer Greg Archilla. Although the song begins with its narrator smitten as all get-out with his former lover -- "From the very first night we met / You had me straight-up can't-sleep, can't-get-you-outta-my-head," Jones sings -- by the end of the first verse, they've broken up, and he's setting the record straight.

"I ain't missing a thing now ... I said it was love / That was just a mistake," goes the chorus of "Good Luck With That." "So when you come crawling back / Good luck with that ..."

Boyer (electric guitar), Jones (acoustic guitar and lead vocals) and Halbrook (bass and vocals) are joined in Broseph by drummer Aaron Larsen and electric guitarist and vocalist Chris Yost. They hail from the Midwest but moved to Nashville in 2016 and released their sophomore EP, Let's Do This, in October of 2017; Archilla and Ilya Toshinsky co-produced the project.

Broseph have opened for acts such as Dustin LynchEric PaslayBig & RichCole SwindellCharlie DanielsA Thousand Horses and Old Dominion. Fans can visit to keep up with their tour schedule, or find them on Twitter and Facebook.

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