With just days to go until he welcomes his first child, Brett Young is enjoying a break from touring for the entire month of October.

"I'm really excited to shut it down," he told The Boot and other outlets prior to the start of the month. "She's due in the middle of the month, so I'm gonna take the whole month off. Because I think about it all the time, but I'm also going to work every day."

The singer says he can't wait to devote some time solely to enjoying family life: "I'm really excited for the time that I have to shut my brain off of anything but wife and baby," he admits. "Just because it is something that we've wanted and been looking forward to for so long.

"I'm just excited to dive in and surrender to it," Young adds. "I'm ready to shut off work for a minute."

Finding the right work-life balance can be tough, but Young is determined to take a healthy approach to his music career and keep perspective on when it's time to power down for a while. Likewise, he knows that his recent streak of No. 1 hits won't last forever -- and he's okay with that.

"I don't feel pressure [to make sure that] they all go No. 1. I feel pressure to make the right decision if it's time to get off of one," the singer explains. "I'm always writing new music, and so all I can do is my best to put out the music I think people will connect to."

The hardest part, he explains, is realizing when it's time to stop pushing a song at radio if it isn't connecting the way he hoped it would. "I just feel pressure to get over myself, a little bit, and realize that this isn't everybody's favorite song, and move on to the next one," Young says. "I just hope I make the right decision in that."

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