Brett Kissel's experience of hearing himself on the radio for the very first time is a little bit unusual because he was so young -- in fact, he was just 11 years old! Read on as Kissel recounts the first time he ever heard his music on the radio as a kid, as well the first time he ever heard a single he'd put out, when he was a little bit older.

It was two different [times]. The first was, there's a local radio station that's basically the WSM of Canada...CFCW was what it was called. They played a [cover I did] of a Hank Snow song called "I've Been Everywhere" -- Johnny Cash did it.

So they played that on the radio after the morning DJ saw me play a show in Edmonton, and I played that song. [They] found out I had given them a cassette recording of me playing it, and they played it on the air. I was getting ready for school the next day, eating toast and jam, and they gave me this glowing introduction and then played the song. And I lost my mind. I couldn't believe it. And my brother, who was older than me, we just stopped to listen, in awe. I was on the radio, as an 11-year-old.

And then the very first time I heard my single on the radio, I was traveling through Canada. I was on a really, really great promo run, when I first signed my record deal. And they played my single, "Started With a Song."

I remember asking [the person who was driving] to pull the vehicle over on the highway, so that we could listen to it in its entirety, no distractions. I'll never forget pulling over and just thinking, "This is a real story, because I'm getting played now, not just in my home area, but I'm getting cross-Canada airplay."

We were in the vehicle, pulled over, and other vehicles whiz by, and you've got a billion people going by and they had no idea that it was me on their radio station, pulled over listening to himself. I cranked it up.

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