Brett Eldredge's 2020 album Sunday Drive features "Crowd My Mind," a soulful piano ballad about those people you simply can't erase from your memory. The singer co-wrote the song with Ross Copperman.

"Crowd My Mind" is one of three songs that Eldredge shared when he announced his new record on April 17. Ahead of the big reveal, Eldredge spoke with The Boot and other media members about Sunday Drive, which will be his fifth studio album; below, from that conversation, is the story of "Crowd My Mind," in Eldredge's own words.

"Crowd My Mind," the starkness of the song and the pure emotion of the piano and just kind of the way it rolls, it's [representative of] the starkness of the place I went to go to make this album, when I was alone in a little beach cottage in California and I was by myself for weeks with a flip phone and nothing else, you know? And I had a pen and a [note]pad, and it was a very lonely time in some sense, but also a time I needed to make myself feel something and really let that stuff come out, just for my personal self, and then it grew my music.

I got home and got together with Ross Copperman, and this was just fully on my mind, "Crowd My Mind," and all the people that I carry with me through my life.

There's certain people that just crowd your mind: You can't let go of [them] no matter where you go.

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