Americana singer Brent Cobb cut his teeth in the country world by writing songs for other artists -- including Miranda Lambert, Luke Bryan and many more -- but in 2017, his career as a performer in his own right began to truly take off. Now, Cobb is out on the road opening for big acts in the genre and headlining his own tours.

Despite all of the travel, Cobb's 2018 album Providence Canyon deals substantially with themes of home. Although the song "Mornin's Gonna Come" came to life on the road, its genesis sparked during a brief visit by Cobb to his Georgia hometown. Read on to learn more of the story behind the song.

I started it out on the road. We were -- gosh, I don't remember where in the country we were, but I was feeling the bug of needing to write. We'd been touring so much and opening up shows for Chris Stapleton, and I wanted to write a song that would beef up our setlist.

I'd just been back in Georgia for a couple of days, and we went to this place called the Cypress Grill, right on Lake Blackshear. There's a buddy of mine who, in the summertime, never wears any shoes, and so we call him Barefoot; he also has this particular dance that we tend to call the Georgia shuffle. I saw him there, while I was back home, so later, out on the road, I was thinking about him doing that dance, and that turned into the first line of the song, which is "Look at ol' Barefoot shuffling across that outdoor dance floor like he ain't got no sense."

I wanted it to be a little deeper than just a party song. The idea is that what is done in the dark will be brought to the light, and we can do whatever we want, but when the morning comes, we're going to have to face whatever it was we did the night before. On the surface, it could be a hangover, but underneath, there may be other things we should be thinking about more.

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