Brantley Gilbert has joined forces with director Shane Drake to bring his single "Stone Cold Sober" to life in a new music video.

Instead of showing the fun side to partying, Gilbert instead wanted to focus his new video on what plays out after a party is over. The clip opens up on the aftermath of what looks to have been a raging party: There are couches on the lawn, beer cans all over and even people passed out wearing sombreros. As Gilbert wakes up and cleans up, he and his band sing in the front yard among all of the trash, memories and bad decisions from the night before.

The music video also features flashbacks to the night prior, offering some helpful hints as to what happened, and includes a storyline about a man looking for a girl who left an impression on him at the party -- and a smudged telephone number on his arm.

“I knew Shane could get that on film,” Gilbert says in a press release. “He’s done a lot of my videos, so I know he’s great. But when you look at the stuff he’s done for artists like Avril Lavigne and Timbaland … you see he understands those moments when the good times wash out and you’re cleaning up the mess.

“In a lot of ways, that’s what the song is about, too: in the mess figuring out what you said, realizing it’s right and repeating it stone cold sober," Gilbert adds. "... It’s pretty strong stuff.”

The singer will begin his Black Out Tour in late January. More information about Gilbert and his upcoming tour dates can be found on his website.

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