Brantley Gilbert may possess a strong bad boy image, but at heart, he's a big ol' softie in a leather jacket. The singer shared the details of his super-sweet proposal to new fiancee Amber Cochran, and fans may need a few Kleenex to get through his story -- it's that good.

"[The nerves leading up to asking her], they were insane," Gilbert tells Buffalo, N.Y.'s Country 1065 WYRK. "I had a plan, and I had a song. I wrote a song to her dad, actually. It was called 'Your Little Girl.'"

The singer explains that he and Cochran have known one another for 10 years, but they lost contact for five of those years because he was "going through some stuff and acting like an idiot." Cochran refused to be a part of his troublemaking, and while they weren't speaking, her father passed away.

"Me and her dad always had a cool little thing, like ... her mom knew I was trouble, and he did too, but we kind of joked around," Gilbert says. "We were buddies until the girls walked in, and then he had to be all serious."

So, Cochran's father was no longer alive when Gilbert wanted to propose, but the singer found a way to incorporate his memory though that song, showing his incredible thoughtfulness and heart.

"I wrote him a song and actually stopped by and saw him at the grave that day and put the song down, and that was my way of askin' for his blessing since I couldn't ask him for it," Gilbert explains. "I just kind of talked to him for a little bit and sang that song to her and asked her to marry me, and, my God, she said yes!"

But that's not the only part of Gilbert's proposal that has our hearts aflutter. The 30-year-old country star was heavily involved in creating his fiancee's ring; in fact, he designed it himself.

"I put a black diamond on the band because black's kind of my thing," Gilbert admits. "So when I'm out on the road and she misses me, she can pull it close, and I'll be close."

The happy couple is in the middle of planning the big day, and while Gilbert isn't interested in table linens, floral arrangements or party favors, he does has one wish for their wedding day.

"I just want to make sure ... she gets what she wants and she's gonna be happy with it," he says. "I'm getting to marry her that day, so I'm happy."

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