Brantley Gilbert is celebrating the success of his newest album, Just as I Am, which has sold over one million copies, thereby earning platinum status.

The certification means that Gilbert has earned back-to-back platinum albums; the Georgia native's sophomore record, Halfway to Heaven, earned platinum status in May of 2014.

Gilbert says that the new honor is exciting, but not that much of a surprise. He knows that the tracks have been resonating with fans.

“I’d been waiting to hear we hit a million because I can tell the way people respond to these songs live," he says in a press release. ""One Hell of an Amen" really hits them, and when people feel a song like that, you know it’s a part of their lives.”

Gilbert says that has started work on his next album, but he's being careful not to rush the process.

“When the record process starts for me, I go through my entire catalog, every single note, every song, every idea,” he explains. “A lot of times, on this last record, there were three or four songs that I started years ago and hadn’t finished. It just matched up. I’d been through more in my life and had more content. Of course, also, I do write or co-write everything that I cut. I don’t think I’ve seen enough of the good, the bad and the ugly yet. I hate to say that, but on the record, I try to cover all those things. Every emotion.”

While his fans anxiously await the release of new music, they can catch Gilbert on the road on his upcoming Global Black Out Tour, which kicks off on Nov. 11 in the Netherlands and includes multiple dates in Europe, Canada and the U.S. through April 30. More information can be found at

Just as I Am is available for download via iTunes and Amazon.

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