Brantley Gilbert released his fourth studio album, The Devil Don't Sleep, on Jan. 27, and as with previous albums, the singer is paying close attention to what his fans have to say. He's hoping that every song on his new record relates to someone in the "BG Nation" just as it relates to his own journey.

As Gilbert explains in the exclusive video above, the tracks with the most personal connections to him are usually the ones that connect best with his fans as well. Whether he's singing about making the most of every moment in "Rockin' Chairs" or falling in love in "Tried to Tell Ya," each track on The Devil Don't Sleep reveals another side of the country singer.

"From every record, what I’ve found is that when I do write stories about me, songs that are personal to me, songs that punch me in the chest, those are the songs that translate the best," Gilbert tells The Boot. "Those are the songs that have proved to be most relatable to my listeners and supporters. They always surprise me with what their reactions are and what song does what."

One strong example of this phenomenon is Gilbert's 2014 single "One Hell of an Amen." Originally written to honor the death of a real-life U.S. soldier who was like a brother to one of Gilbert's good friends, the song has taken on a multitude of different meanings for so many different people since its release.

"It’s like almost every time you heard that song, it did something else," Gilbert says, adding that "One Hell of an Amen" hasn't just changed in meaning for his fans, but for him as well: The song gained a whole new layer of depth for Gilbert after his grandfather -- who was also a veteran -- passed away in 2015; while Gilbert did take time to mourn his grandpa's passing, "One Hell of an Amen" also helped the singer celebrate the life and legacy that his grandfather inspired in so many people.

"My grandfather loved my grandmother as much as I’ve ever seen a man love a woman -- that’s the way I want to love my wife," Gilbert says. "The legacy that he left behind to his children and grandchildren was incredible. I chose to celebrate his life … and that song took on a whole new shape."

The Devil Don’t Sleep is available for download on iTunes. Gilbert is promoting his new album out on the road with his 2017 The Devil Don’t Sleep Tour; for more information and to purchase tickets, check out Gilbert's official website.

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