Brandy Clark kicked off her next chapter of music on Friday (Jan. 10) with the gently loping, reflective "Who You Thought I Was." Speaking from a post-breakup perspective, the song looks back at all the ways things could have gone differently. It remembers all the things the narrator used to want in life before she met her now-ex, and her only desire became to be a person deserving of that relationship. Press play above to listen.

"And I wanna be honest / Now I wanna be better / I wanna be the me I should have been when we were together," Clark sings. "I wanna be at least almost close to worth your love / I wanna be who you thought I was."

"Who You Thought I Was" is the first installment of Your Life Is a Record, a new collection of songs that show off Clark's love of breakup songs. "I love a sad song. Clearly, when everyone hears this record, that's gonna be very obvious," Clark said during a recent preview of her new music in Nashville.

"There are two songs on here with a little levity, so that no one slits their wrists, but the rest of it's pretty sad," she continues, adding that her producer, Jay Joyce, helped her realize what the project's theme was.

"Jay said to me, 'You know, this is a breakup record.' And I said, 'Wow, it is,'" Clark recalls. "I had gone through a breakup of a very long relationship and I didn't realize that that was just kind of in the air. So yeah, it definitely is, as you hear, a breakup record."

Your Life Is a Record is due out on March 6.

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