Brandi Carlile will release her memoir Broken Horses on Tuesday (April 6), but she also has another creative project in the works: a new album. In fact, it's already complete.

"The album came quicker than I thought," Carlile tells Good Morning America in a new interview. "It's done."

As she's previously mentioned, the process of writing her memoir also helped Carlile write new music. She describes her next record as "very dramatic."

"I think the book led us to some pretty dramatic places," she says, "and unlocked some doors that maybe I didn't have access to before in my mind."

While Carlile is known for her impressive range and soaring vocals, she says her work on her next album is even moreso.

"I will say that the vocals are, like, over the top," she shares, "and I'm a pretty over-the-top singer, so that's really saying something."

Carlile's next album, the exact details of which have yet to be announced, will be her seventh career studio album. She most recently released By the Way, I Forgive You in 2018. That record became her third straight album to top the Billboard Folk/Americana Albums chart, and earned her two Grammy Awards nominations; its single "The Joke" notched four additional Grammys nods.

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