Brad Paisley is speaking out about the picture he took last week with members of the infamous Westboro Baptist Church.

Paisley posted a selfie of himself in front of several of the church members who were picketing in front of his show in Kansas City, Mo., holding signs that said "God Hates Drunks" and "Sin Breeds Violence." The singer says he posted the picture, which showed him grimacing in front of the smiling protesters, because of his strong views on the troops. One of Westboro's most controversial tactics has been protesting at the funerals of fallen soldiers.

"My patriotism starts there," he tells Fox News. "We're talking about, I think everyone can agree -- except maybe Westboro Baptist -- on the fact our soldiers are our most important, the most amazing people that we've had."

The West Virginia native feels so strongly about supporting the troops that he traveled with President Obama on Memorial Day weekend, to surprise service men and women stationed in Afghanistan.

"I feel like I'm one of those people that defies category," Paisley explains. "I'm all over the map in a lot of ways, but I feel like being on a journey of trying to figure out how to make this country better is a healthy thing and something I like to look into. I don't know any answers to it. But, you know, sort of daily it's easy to look at something and say here's what you should be doing. It's harder and more of my approach to look at something and say, 'OK, what are both sides.'"

Paisley isn't the only country artist who has spoken out against the extremist group. Blake Shelton and Vince Gill are among country stars have also taken a strong stance against Westboro.

The 'River Bank' singer will continue his Country Nation World Tour with a stop at the 2014 Taste of Country Music Festival, which takes place June 13 to 15 at Hunter Mountain in New York. See all of Paisley's upcoming concerts here.