Brad Paisley has released a brand-new single, "Today," as well as its accompanying music video. The song will appear on an upcoming album from the country star.

Written by Paisley, Chris DuBois and Ashley Gorley, "Today" is a a sentimental song about how, as Paisley sings in the chorus, "the memory of a day like today / Can get you through the rest of your life." 

"I don’t know about tomorrow / But right now the whole world feels right," the chorus of "Today" says. Lines later in the song include, "Bring on tomorrow, I’ve got today / Bring on tomorrow, right now the whole world is right."

"Today I'm releasing a song that means a lot to me. I hope it becomes a soundtrack for you, that you put it to video & use it in your lives," Paisley writes on Twitter, adding in a later tweet, "I hope it means as much to you as it does to me."

The "Today" music video opens and closes with footage from one of Paisley's summer concerts, when he, onstage, helped a couple reveal the gender of their baby -- the sort of "today" the tune talks about. The rest of the clip is a montage of special moments: Soldiers surprising family members, numerous weddings, proposals and more all accompany Paisley's new song. Readers can press play below to watch.

"Today" is the second tune that country fans have gotten to hear from Paisley's forthcoming 11th studio album; the singer released "Without a Fight," a duet with pop star Demi Lovato, back in May.

Paisley is spending his October playing a few free shows on college campuses as part of his 2016 Country Nation College Tour. On Nov. 2, he'll co-host the 2016 CMA Awards, for the ninth year, with Carrie Underwood; later that month, the Country Music Hall of Fame will open an exhibit about Paisley's life and career.

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