Brad Paisley says he had no doubt about his role when he and British superstar Robbie Williams co-wrote 'Collision of Worlds' together for 'Cars 2.' The song is one of 39 tunes up for an original song nomination for the 84th annual Academy Awards.

Director John Lasseter told Brad, who also wrote a song for the original 'Cars,' that the new tune was about Mater, the tow truck voiced by Larry the Cable Guy, who falls outside of his comfort zone as he travels the world. The naive truck has a little trouble adjusting to the local customs before ultimately saving the day.

"When Robbie and I met, we had a ball," Brad says of the suave singer. "I said, 'I have no preconceived notion of why I'm here: I'm the redneck tow truck and, make no mistake, you're the slick British spy'."

Deborah Coleman, Disney/Pixar

In the song, the two run through the differences between American and British English. "We came up with the title 'Collision of Worlds'," Brad says. "We were joking about colloquialisms like bangers and mash, meat and potatoes, pounds and dollars."

The pair had so much fun that the country superstar hopes to collaborate with Robbie on another project. "I've got some ideas for him. I think he needs to venture into Nashville territory. There's a British country thing that I'd love to see him attempt," Brad says, referencing English acts like Mumford & Sons, who draw from country influences. "Don't go sing songs about Texas. Go sing about Nottingham or the Isle of Man."

Brad hopes to write more songs for movies, especially because he loves the idea of working from a script. "It takes all of that sitting around in a room, looking at a co-writer [and] banging your head against a wall [and replaces it with] 'We'll give you two hours of inspiration. Go for it.' [So] Mr Eastwood, Clint ... C'mon. Call me!"

The Oscar nominations will be announced on Jan. 24.

Go behind-the-scenes of Brad and Robbie's recording session for 'Collision of Worlds' in the video player below.