On Tuesday (Nov. 13), Brad Paisley plans to release a brand-new single, "Bucked Off." Although he's not revealed the song just yet, the country star has shared some details about it in interviews -- and it sounds like it'll be classic fun Paisley.

In an interview with Storme Warren on SiriusXM's The Highway channel, Paisley explains that "Bucked Off" is "a honky-tonk song" with a strong throwback flair, in the vein of his goofier, more lighthearted songs. He admits that he hopes he'll hear the song coming out of Nashville's famous bars when walking down Broadway.

"I love the throwback thing right now," Paisley says. "You can't have too much of that for me."

Paisley says "Bucked Off" reminds him of "the reason I wanted to do country music." He calls the song his "George Strait moment" -- or, rather, his own version of that -- and notes that it's a breakup song "that's kinda fun."

"I came of age during the golden era for us, which was the late '80s, early '90s, and that time period ... you had so many different things on the radio, but one of the things that was kind of consistent was the rodeo songs -- the metaphors and the analogies to that way of life," Paisley explains, "and I realized as I was writing songs for this new record, I've never done one of those."

Paisley is working with producer Dann Huff on his new music. He says the song's demo is "way down-the-middle traditional," but Huff wanted to make the guitars on the song "in your face."

"What we wound up with, and I think that's magical, is, if you turn the song on in the verse, it's the country-est thing on the radio," Paisley explains, "and then if you turn it on in the chorus, it's about the rockin'-est thing on the radio right now."

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