Before he released "American Saturday Night" as an official single, Brad Paisley earned spots on the Billboard Hot Country Songs (No. 59) and Bubbling Under Hot 100 (No. 21) charts with the tune due to unsolicited airplay. In November 2009, the singer officially made the song his third single from his sixth studio album, also named American Saturday Night, and the song then peaked at No. 2 on the Hot Country Songs chart. Below, songwriter Ashley Gorley talks to The Boot about co-writing "American Saturday Night" with Paisley and Kelley Lovelace.

Kelley and I knew, with this album, Brad was leaning away from the comedic songs and looking to record things that were less funny. He wanted good, uptempo songs that weren't necessarily funny. That was one of the targets.

Kelley and I spent many hours brainstorming. We found the groove and the overall idea of the song. We started throwing around ideas and mentioned some things like Saturday Night Live, but we couldn't really settle on an idea.

After a few hours, Brad had to run back to his house [for dinner]. Right after he left, he calls us back on the cell phone, and Kelley and I were thinking, "Oh no, maybe he has to quit." Brad says, "I think I've got it!" That's when he said the chorus: "It's a French kiss / Italian ice / Spanish moss in the moonlight / Just another American Saturday night."

We talked about what a good idea it was: all the things that are borrowed from other countries and traditions that make America great; how we can have a melting pot of that on a typical American Saturday night. The scene was set, and we spent the next few hours and a couple of days coming up with that scenario. It was tricky to try to cover every country without it being a stretch. We worked on the song all the way up to when it was recorded. It's a hard thing to get a song with cleverness.

This story was originally written by Alanna Conaway, and revised by Angela Stefano.

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