Westboro Baptist Church is planning to picket at an upcoming Blake Shelton concert in Kansas City, Mo., but the 'Sure Be Cool if You Did' singer isn’t taking the news lying down.

In response to a WBC poster announcing the protest outside the Sprint Center on Oct. 3, Shelton began an intense exchange via Twitter. The poster announces the 45-minute planned picket and makes cruel remarks regarding Shelton’s wife, Miranda Lambert, and refers to Shelton as “a vulgar adulterer hated by God.” According the group's philosophy, Shelton's divorce from his first wife and subsequent marriage to Lambert constitutes adultery.

Since his initial post on Wed. night (Sept. 25), Shelton and WBC have been tweeting back and forth.

Shelton's fans are sticking by him in this fight, but the war is continuing Friday morning (Sept. 27), at least on WBC's side.

WBC had a similar exchange with Vince Gill outside the Kaufman Center in Kansas City on Sept. 8, when the singer came outside and confronted them face-to-face as they picketed his show.