Blake Shelton has released the music video for his latest single, "Sangria." The song is the third single from his No. 1 Bringing Back the Sunshine album.

With lines like, "We're buzzing like that 'no vacancy' sign out front / Your skin is begging to be kissed by a little more than the sun / You take my hand in yours, you lean in / And your lips taste like sangria, your lips taste like sangria," the song, written by hitmakers J.T. Harding, Josh Osborne and Trevor Rosen, is admittedly one of the more sensual songs that Shelton has recorded.

""Sangria" is one of the sexiest songs I've ever cut," Shelton says. "It sounds like something that came from a different time, almost like something Chris Isaak would have had on one of his records at some point. It's just about one of those nights where you drink too much, and you're gonna end up hookin' up with this person, it's just inevitable. It's not too over-the-top, but it's pure sex -- that's the only way I know to describe that song."

Ever since Shelton wed Miranda Lambert in 2011, he has chosen to let others act out provocative scenes in his videos, including in "Sangria."

“Since I’ve been married, I won’t go there in a video,” he explains. “If I was to go there, it would be Miranda in a video. I’m not an actor and don’t pretend to be. Everybody knows I’m married to Miranda Lambert, and they don’t want to see me leaving a bar with a girl. Why would I take this ring off for a video? I’d be insulted by that if I was Miranda, and I don’t want to do anything to insult her or hurt her feelings.”

But, according to People, the clip was shot at Lambert's Ladysmith bed and breakfast, located in the couple's hometown of Tishomingo, Okla.

The Oklahoma native has a lot riding on his latest hit, since his last 14 singles have shot straight to No.1.

Shelton will head to Arlington, Texas, in a few weeks, to co-host the 50th ACM Awards, along with Luke Bryan. Shelton is nominated for two trophies, for Male Vocalist of the Year and Vocal Event of the Year, the latter for "Lonely Tonight" with Ashley Monroe.

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