Blake Shelton and the Oak Ridge Boys have released the music video for their collaboration, "Doing It to Country Songs." The two country acts appear in the clip themselves -- sort of; instead of starring in the video in human form, Shelton and the Oaks have been turned into animated woodland creatures.

Readers can press play above to watch the "Doing It to Country Songs" music video, which takes place at Blake Shelton Bar & Stage. The venue, which is advertising a performance by Blake Buck, is run by animated critters -- a raccoon janitor, a hound dog bartender -- and the clip features subtle nods to a number of Shelton's other hits (a "Some Beach" guitar case sticker, a glass jar of "Sangria").

As for Shelton and the Oak Ridge Boys: He's a buck, and they're a beaver, a fox, a bullfrog and a possum. Together, the five take the stage in front of an audience that includes a pair of bears and the raccoon janitor's new love, a skunk. A grilling moose and a four-wheeling rabbit also make appearances, as does a hard-partying fly ... that is, until the bullfrog eats him.

"Doing It to Country Songs" appears on Shelton's newest album, 2016's If I'm Honest. The singer first revealed that he was working with the country icons via Twitter in February of 2016, when he shared a photo of them together in the recording studio.

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