Blake Shelton enlisted his girlfriend's help to share the track listing for his upcoming new album, If I'm Honest. On Tuesday morning (April 19), Gwen Stefani tweeted the details -- and confirmed the rumors of a collaboration between the two artists.

"Look what I found lying 'round the house!" Stefani writes, sharing a photo of the back of Shelton's new project, track listing in full view. She adds the hashtags "#ispymyname" and "#goaheadandbreakmyheart," among others.

If I'm Honest features 15 songs. Stefani appears on a song titled "Go Ahead and Break My Heart," If I'm Honest's ninth track. A source told People back in March that the two were working together on something for Shelton's record.

In addition to the collaboration with Stefani, If I'm Honest also features Shelton's current single, "Came Here to Forget," (Track No. 5), his gospel song "Savior's Shadow" (Track No. 15) and "Friends," his song from The Angry Birds Movie (Track No. 10). Shelton's "literally magic" collaboration with the Oak Ridge Boys is titled "Doing It to Country Songs," and is the 12th track on If I'm Honest.

The complete If I'm Honest track listing is below. The disc was produced by Scott Hendricks.

On Monday night (April 18) during The Voice, Shelton shared If I'm Honest's album cover. The cover is a black-and-white close-up shot of Shelton’s face — similar to the artwork for the project’s first single, “Came Here to Forget” -- with the words “Blake Shelton” and “If I’m Honest” printed across it in white lettering with some light blue accents. Per a press release, a limited-edition 3D version of the cover will be made available in addition to the regular version.

Blake Shelton, If I'm Honest Track Listing:

1. "Straight Outta Cold Beer"
2. "She's Got a Way With Words"
3. "Bet You Still Think of Me"
4. "Every Time I Hear That Song"
5. "Came Here to Forget"
6. "Every Goodbye"
7. "It Ain't Easy"
8. "Guy With a Girl"
9. "Go Ahead and Break My Heart" (feat. Gwen Stefani)
10. "Friends"
11. "One Night Girl"
12. "Doing It to Country Songs" (feat. the Oak Ridge Boys)
13. "Green"
14. "You Can't Make This Up"
15. "Savior's Shadow"

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