Blake Shelton almost got a beat-down while shooting the video for 'Hillbilly Bone' ... for hitting on his co-star! The perennial jokester, who admittedly enjoyed a bit of wine on set, decided to have some fun harassing Trace Adkins. Hilarity ensued -- for everyone but Trace, that is.

"I've known Trace for a long time," Blake tells The Boot. "And here's one thing I know about him: I know exactly what buttons to push with him to really get him mad at me. As the day went on on that shoot, there were some hot girls they brought in to be in the restaurant [scene]. And I started getting drunk -- they were bringing these bottles of wine out and said, 'Drink right out of the bottle and be out of place,' and it was real wine. So I started getting flirty with Trace, because he's got the long, sexy hair. He started getting mad at me as I started to hug on him and kiss on his cheek in front of all these good-looking girls."

Blake says it didn't take long before Trace had had enough of his flirtatiousness.

"He [said], 'I swear, you touch me one more time and I really will rip your head off.' He was getting mad! If you watch the video and know that you can tell by the end. You can tell it was like, 'Alright, Trace, well I guess we'll see you la...,' and he was gone. But it's always been that way with he and I."

'Hillbilly Bone,' which was directed by CMA Award-winning director Roman White, was filmed at Nashville's famed Stockyard Restaurant. Watch it below.