Canadian cowboy Blake Berglund is premiering the music video for his song “Crooked Old Earth” exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play above to watch.

“Crooked Old Earth” is an entirely appropriate song for these tumultuous times. Its music video intersperses old, black-and-white footage of war, violence, alcoholism and political controversy. Harmonies come courtesy of Berglund's co-writer Melanie Hankewich (aka Belle Plaine), who also appears in the video.

"Herein lies the tension of our world. In the most grand sense, it weighs on us all, some more than others. A little cesspool of disappointment,” Berglund tells The Boot. “Then, Belle's voice on the light melody represents the beauty of this world."

According to Berglund, the title of "Crooked Old Earth" takes its inspiration from a little-known Rodney Crowell line: "'Crooked old Earth' was a reference Rodney Crowell's mother made in his memoir Chinaberry Sidewalks,” Berglund explains. “Maybe this was my attempt at getting Rodney to look in my direction."

A bonafide cowboy who grew up on a ranch in rural Canada, Berglund describes his sound as “Pink Floyd meets '90s country;” psychedelic elements are woven in alongside classic country stylings. Maybe it’s his hard-working background, but Berglund is a particularly scrappy type of artist: He sold more than 10,000 copies of his albums door-to-door.

“Crooked Old Earth” appears on Berglund’s forthcoming album Realms, set for release on Sept. 1. Visit to learn more about the album and Berglund.

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