Flat-picking virtuoso and singer-songwriter Billy Strings is premiering his reflective, forlorn new song "Away From the Mire," off of his forthcoming new album Home, exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play below to listen!

Rooted in the traditional bluegrass style where Strings finds a comfortable home, "Away From the Mire" expands into an adventurous, nearly psychedelic sound. A genre purist he's not, but when the singer diverges from bluegrass tradition, it's always in support of the song's story.

That's true here more than ever: Reflective vocals and dynamic, meaty instrumental solos help reveal the complex, personal narrative of "Away From the Mire." "Remember the time we were both eye to eye and we both knew the reasons why? / Seemed like we'd face the world on our own / Before we collide, can we just take a moment, collecting reflections of this and remember the paths that we chose?" Strings begins.

"Away From the Mire" gets more and more frenetic, with Strings repeating those opening lines at the very end before reflecting, "It's enough to make a man feel sour / Burning minutes every day by the hour / Just to end up gone like everything else."

"I just put it all out there," explains Strings of his music. "I say what I'm thinking, and it's coming straight from my heart. It could be a personal thing, or it could be a very broad [thing]. Hopefully by keeping it honest and true, and actually putting my real feelings out, people will recognize that and appreciate it.

"But that's not why I do it," he adds. "It's therapeutic for me. Putting these songs out helps me to get over this s--t."

"Away From the Mire" follows the previously released track "Taking Water," also from Home. Strings' next album is slated for release on Sept. 27 via Rounder Records.

Listen to Billy Strings' "Away From the Mire"

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