It's been a great year for country music videos so far (and it's only June!) Taking into account all the great music, fine acting and overall sentiment of these great clips, we can't wait to see what the second half of this year brings! But first, The Boot brings you our choices for the Top 10 country music videos of the first half of 2011.

10. 'If I Were A Boy,' Reba McEntire

It's ironic the second single from her 'All the Women I Am' album is titled 'If I Were a Boy,' considering the video icon has never looked as flawless as she does in accompanying clip. Draped in a gorgeous emerald-colored gown, Reba proves that when it comes to effective story telling, simplicity is key.

9. 'Barefoot Blue Jean Night,' Jake Owen

We've all dreamed about becoming globe-trotting rock stars, but for those of us not as musically inclined, that childhood fantasy never panned out. In his clip for 'Barefoot Blue Jean Night,' Jake takes a grassroots approach, offering fans home footage of life on the road and on stage. We'll probably never know what it feels like to stand in front of thousands of screaming fans, but the Florida native gives us the perfect muse through which to live vicariously.

8. 'A Little Bit Stronger,' Sara Evans

This No. 1 hit could be this generation's response to Gloria Gaynor's 'I Will Survive,' giving heartbroken souls the perfect anthem that could pull even the most scorned heart from the depths of despair. Sara could have easily opted for an over-the-top treatment for this country power ballad, but the brunette beauty keeps the video simple and straightforward, allowing the powerful message to remain front and center.

7. 'Homeboy,' Eric Church

The North Carolina native steps away from his outlaw persona in the video for 'Homeboy,' depicting a concerned sibling urging his troubled brother to follow the straight and narrow. With his first child on the way, it's clear that Eric understands the importance of family.

6. 'Teenage Daughters,' Martina McBride

If the chemistry between Martina and her video co-stars seems believable, it's because the country superstar features her real-life husband and daughters in the clip for her latest Top 20 single. If we are ever in need of parenting advice, Martina is definitely the first person we'd ask.

5. 'You and Tequila,' Kenny Chesney featuring Grace Potter

We aren't sure if the sting of heartache or tequila hurts worse, but Kenny proves the combination of the two is far more painful. Although it's hard to take pleasure in other people's pain, it's hard not love this scenic video, which was shot off the coast of Malibu, Calif. In his defense, even the strongest man would be wrecked after being rejected by one of the hottest women in rock music.

4. 'Old Alabama,' Brad Paisley

In his video for 'Old Alabama,' Brad pays respect to all things traditional -- music, television and NASCAR. With guest appearances by Little Jimmy Dickens, Andy Griffith and Jeff Gordon, and featuring vintage footage of old Alabama music videos, this clip could have come off as completely random and busy, but we applaud the reigning CMA Entertainer of the Year for producing a cohesive, yet entertaining, video clip.

3. 'You Lie,' the Band Perry

The Band Perry have carved a niche for producing youthful videos with hints of old-soul traditional sensibilities. With 'You Lie,' the talented sibling trio uses dramatic editing and bold colors to reinforce the tune's stern, verbal warning. What have we all learned from their latest clip? You mess with one Perry, you mess with them all!

2. 'Mean,' Taylor Swift

Taylor used her latest video as an anti-bullying platform, offering encouragement to the underdogs of today's youth. After she herself was taunted back in school, Taylor proves that she fought the good fight and won ... giving her leagues of loyal followers hope for a prosperous future.

1. 'Look it Up,' Ashton Shepherd

Ashton enlisted the help from Toby Keith's long-time video director, Michael Solomon, to help produce the first video from her upcoming album, 'Where Country Grows.' With her perfect comedic timing and enough sass to give Loretta Lynn a run for her money, Ashton has offered up one of the most entertaining and perfectly executed video of 2011 ( far).

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