Brothers Comatose member Ben Morrison is readying a solo project, and he's giving The Boot's readers the first listen to its second single. Press play above to hear "Old Technology," and see its accompanying music video.

Inspired by "the current state of the music industry," according to Morrison, "Old Technology" finds the artist reflecting, "It was better in the old days" -- though he's talking about a souring relationship. "Don't you throw me away / Like trends of yesterday / Like I'm old technology," Morrison sings.

"I was thinking about the way music is being churned out right now, at a record pace. There’s this new territory we’re in where everybody has access to recording equipment in their bedroom," Morrison tells The Boot of the inspiration for "Old Technology." "[I was inspired by] the idea that new technology is coming so quickly, and if something’s a couple years old it’s obsolete, and how to find your place in this world of constant change."

Morrison practices what he preaches: He recorded his solo album on two-inch tape at Tiny Television Studios in San Francisco, Calif. "I still love the warmth of that sound," he confesses.

“When you’re recording to tape, you don’t have those fine-tuning details. You just have to play and sing your asses off in the studio," Morrison says. "Sometimes you make mistakes but some mistakes can be cool. It adds humanness to a record and I love that. Perfection is sterile and crappy.”

"Old Technology" is due out on Friday (March 1). It's Morrison's second solo single from his upcoming record; he began working on the project when his band, the Brothers Comatose, stepped away for, in their words, a "palette cleanser," after a decade together.

“We all needed to pursue our own things for a bit. Mine is to take that time and make as much music as I can and try some sonic exploration -- something totally different than the thing I've been used to for the last 10 years in BroCo. So … I just booked some studio time and sat my ass down to write a bunch of songs," Morrison says. "This [recent lineup change] in the band has brought up all sorts of feelings in me, and the only way for me to process all that stuff is to write."

Morrison says that his new music "explore[s] the fringes of the music I've been writing that I wasn't able to explore fully with a string band." He's been experimenting with "different grooves" while crafting his solo songs.

"I kept asking myself, 'Why am I doing this thing?'" he adds. "It’s kind of like my Rumspringa -- like the Amish do with their youth, letting them out into the world to experience all the different non-Amish facets of life."

Morrison's solo project is due out this summer. Visit to keep up with his release plans and touring schedule.

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