UK duo Beat Root Revival, made up of Ben Jones and Andrea Magee, came to the U.S. three years ago, armed with a guitar and bodhran, and on a mission to expand their audience. The eclectic folk twosome settled in Austin, Texas, where they have gigged and recorded religiously ever since. Three albums in, Beat Root Revival have a brand-new music video, for their song "Up," to share exclusively with The Boot's readers.

Jones and Magee's "Up" music video shows a combat-injured United States military veteran from Texas as he and his wife navigate the ups and downs of his battle with PTSD. It was directed by the Ray Sisters, Westin and Austin Ray.

"When we were afforded the opportunity to work with the Ray Sisters again, we jumped at the chance," Jones shares. "Their ability to get the best out of whomever they’re working with in such a short space of time is nothing short of amazing ... Their idea behind the video was so moving; we were honoured that our song suggested that kind of story and approach."

In "Up," BRR's lyrics paint a chilling picture of overcoming tribulations against the backdrop of simple instrumentation and haunting harmonies: "The wind has changed; there's a storm a-comin' now / There's a rattle in my bones / I hear the whisper in between the clouds / Like a hand upon my throat /  No backin' out; this world is gonna show you what it's really made of / Swallow your doubt; wake up / It's only a matter of time / I wanna go up."

"At first listen, [this song] strikes you as a happy, upbeat song, but then you realize there is an aching bittersweetness to it. This contrast of struggle and hope is something we wanted to explore in the music video," the Ray Sisters explain. "It is important to erase the stigma attached to being an amputee and to show veterans suffering from PTSD that they are not alone. As co-directors, we are so inspired by veterans' personal stories and their families, that we hope they can watch and recognize themselves in this film we’ve created to celebrate their journey.”

Beat Root Revival are currently at work on their fourth album. To keep up with their goings-on, including upcoming shows, visit their website.

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