Avenue Beat are a refreshing, young voice in country music. The sprightly trio brings a vibrance to their fun, relatable songs, and their killer harmonies and modern pop-meets-country beats are enough to get listeners dancing.

In early April, Avenue Beat released a new single that tackles mental health. In "Thank You, Anxiety," written by the band with Summer Overstreet, Sami Bearden, Savana Santos and Sam Backoff get candid about those sleepless nights spent overthinking. 

Read on to learn about the writing session behind "Thank You, Anxiety" in the words of lead singer Santos. 

We came in that day -- it was probably just one of those days where we were all like, “Oh, my God” -- like, something bad was happening or we were all stressed out.

That’s usually where our best songs come from, is when we all are having the same emotion, and then we just write about it. That was one of those.

We were all stressed; we were all anxious. We didn’t want to write a song. We were like, “Okay, why don’t we just put all of these feelings into lyrics?”

And then it literally just popped out.

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