Eighteen-year-old Ava Earl is ready to break free from a toxic relationship in her new song "Forever Girl." The song's protagonist is dreaming of leaving an abusive partner -- and, fortunately, by lyrics' end, she's seized the opportunity to run.

"I draw inspiration from being around people. Since I don't have that right now -- none of us do -- I've been making up scenarios," Earl explains of the song's origins. The story she dreamed up for "Forever Girl" is far from a picture-perfect one, though: At first, things seem okay, but listeners will quickly get the idea that this relationship isn't healthy.

"Every time I try to talk / You turn up the news," Earl sings in the second verse, her voice and the melody lilting and light despite the heavy situation. By the third, things have gotten even worse: "Hurl hate at me / Bruise tattoos / When you apologize, it's just an excuse ..."

"I am done lookin' at the city lights / Wonderin' when I'll see them in the real life / I'm your love / But I don't want to be anymore / Ask anyone / I'm not really your forever girl," Earl sings in each chorus, except for the final one. By then, she's disappeared by train and is finally free, "underneath the city lights / Wonderin' what you're doin' with your stupid life."

Originally from Girdwood, Alaska, a small mountain town, Earl has already written and co-produced three full-length albums despite not even being out of her teens yet. Her forthcoming new project, recorded in Nashville in February, will be her first with full arrangements; JT Nero of Birds of Chicago produced the record, the release date for which has not yet been announced.

"Forever Girl" is due out widely on Friday (April 9). Fans can keep up with Earl at AvaEarl.com.

Listen to Ava Earl's "Forever Girl":

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